St. James Thunder
I can do all this through him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13)


Angie Cummings

Head Coach

Besides Loving God and her family, Coach Angie dotes over the Cross Country kids and coaches. She is also known for her friendly pranks which she has decided to play on her coaches. This may become our yearly tradition to indicate that we are getting ready to start the season. Plus show them some love by these hilarious bios. Enjoy!

Ryan Cascio

Parkour and Strength

Coach Ryan first began running when he was 7 months old, when he started chewing on a pair of his father’s running shoes, accidentally fell into them, and just took off down the road. He was a two-time winner of the “West Virginia’s Fastest Baby” Competition. He didn’t secure a third award, because that year he participated in the “West Virginia’s Slowest Baby” Competition. Which he lost. In last place.
When not helping young people reach their fullest potential in running, academics, and faith, Coach Ryan can be found combing his beard on his neighbor’s electric fence, bench-pressing his friends, and uprooting trees with his teeth. 

Joe Guiney

Drills and Youth Leader Program

Sargeant Joe was born to motivate. Not caring too much about that last half-mile? Tempted to not finish those pre-run stretches? Not really feeling up to following your coach’s direction? Never fear. Sargeant Joe’s gonna help you find the motivation.
For instance: One time, a refrigerator salesman came to Sargeant Joe’s door, and left…having bought Sargnt Joe’s refrigerator. Sargeant Joe once fixed a broken lawnmower by staring at it really hard. While on vacation in Canada, he convinced a group of mooses to dance the can-can across Niagara Falls. In costume. 

Take it from me. Sargeant Joe is gonna have you hustling like you wouldn’t BELIEVE. 

Mark Peiffer

Relays and Running Games

Everyone knows that Mark Peiffer is a friendly and agreeable man of the community. But what most people DON’T know is that Mark was originally born Baron Mark von Peifferham der Bargünhunter, Provincial Sub-Duke of Southern Bavaria, Vice-Regent of the Lands Surrounding Weisundmartinz and all the Provinces, Municipalities, and Poultry Therein. Although he was born into a family of German nobility, Mark yearned for a simpler life in the hills of West Virginia and renounced his title, inheritance, lands, and the sweet Mercedes he would have gotten to ride around in. If you watch him carefully, you can still see some of his royal habits: the noble tilt of his chin, the way he holds a water bottle, for instance. But I wouldn’t ask him about it. He’s too humble to talk about it. Just trust me. 

And finally, we want to thank…

our Graphics/Video guy, Mark, for writing these spoofs showing that no one is immune to a little prank.

Paul Koczera, CSCS SMPL

Outdoor Fitness/ Natural Movement

This is our second year teaming up with Paul Koczera and his company, Wild Recreational Fitness Challenges. He mixes endurance training with strength and is a huge advocate for having fun outdoors. Some of this amazing feats: In 2012, he ran his first marathon — half of it barefoot. In 2014, he was elected as one of two runners in the 185 For Heroes fundraiser which involves running seven marathon distances in seven consecutive days. And in 2016, he and three companions set the fastest time for a four man team  at the West Virginia Ragnar Trail course.

Activities we’ve done with Coach Paul…